Business powered by Ai

There is a feel like some of the business tricks can be automated with today's technology like Artificial Intelligence(AI), automation.  This push may lead to many advancements in our daily life.
For example take Digital marketing currently, using  AI and Automation if we automated this process then all small scale and large scale industries may get good customer base through this way. Digital marketing is less cost compared to any paper or television advertisements, if we can automate these techniques then we can achieve more outcome because it these automation scripts can be running all the time and we can be sure that work will be done.   These days we managed to do chat bots with AI those can work 24/7 boosting our business outcome, but the scope is just started with these chat bots. AI can do much better stuff than just chat bots. There were some other interesting things as well apart from just automating some business tricks, like door delivery drones, home automa…
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